Strings Review


Strings by David Estes

Sometimes the strings that tie us down are the same strings that set us free.

Sixteen-year-old Pia has always lived in a mysterious facility where mechanical strings control her existence. She plays apprentice to her father, Gio, in performing nanotech designs for the Company, and she soon suspects there are diabolical human forces behind the manufactured reality of her world. 

Though her childhood memories and the origins of the strings remain strangely elusive, she begins to find solace with the introduction of two unlikely friends: daring, irrational Sofia, and calm, tender Marco. 

As the truths of the past and present unravel together, Pia must find a way to free herself from her strings and escape the facility before facing the wrath of the unstable head of security, Mr. Davis. But to gain her freedom, she must navigate the dangers posed by Davis and by her suspicious new friends to find the real identity of the puppeteer. 

If Pia can succeed in revealing the secrets of the Company, she may very well find the independence she so desperately seeks. But in her controlled world nothing is as it seems, and the closer she gets to the truth, the graver the consequences.


Five out of Five Stars

So this took me a lot longer to read than planned but it had nothing to do with the story. I am having the worst reading slump amd it is taking me ages to read anything, my fellow readers you will know all about this. Anyway back to the novel, Strings is a modern retelling of Pinnochio and I must say this has to be my favourite retelling that I have read and it certainly surprised me. I dont know how David Estes came up with this retelling but it is complete genius. I have fallen in love with this story and I’m desperate to read more. I was wondering all through the story what was going to happen next, there was a few twist and turns through out the book. I loved the main character Pia who is the modern day female version of Pinnochio and I loved her development. I really enjoyed reading her story and finding out not only about her past but also about her present story connected with other characters. Another character I loved was Marco, he was sweet and sensitive but also had a troubled background which you learn about in the story. I’m trying to write this without giving you any spoilers because I don’t want to ruin the magic of the story. I have always thought that a story that is able to pull you in and make you think you are walking next to them and feeling how they feel, it is a great story. I must say that this story was exceptional and did exactly that, I was pulled in to walk beside Pia and feel all the emotion she felt. I found David’s writing style amazing and the way he can develop characters and the world they live in is top class. I can’t give enough praise for this book and I hope by reading this, it will encourage you to go out and read this story and get lost in the magic of Pia’s world just like I did.

Disclaimer – I recieved a free Earc from David Estes in exchange for an honest review.

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