Illuminae Review

Title – Illuminae.

Authors – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

Pages – 599

Publisher – Rock The Boat

Published – November 1st 2015

Summary from Goodreads 

One moment, Kady Grant and Ezra Mason have nothing bigger to worry about than each other. Specifically, avoiding each other in the wake of their messy break-up. In the next second, their entire world falls apart.

The year is 2375 and one of the mega-corporations that control much of deep space has just fired the opening salvo in an intergalactic war, destroying Kady and Ezra’s planet. Forced to flee on a small fleet of crippled rescue ships alongside thousands of other refugees, the fear of enemy warships chasing them down is at first all-consuming but soon becomes the least of their worries. A deadly plague is ravaging the refugees on the ships; the fleet’s AI, which should be protecting them, may actually be an enemy; and High Command is refusing to acknowledge that there may be a serious problem. As Kady plunges into a tangled web of data in search of the truth, she realises that Ezra is possibly the only person who can help her save the refugees before it’s too late.

My Review 

5 out of 5 Stars 

So I am going to show you the quick review I posted on Goodreads after reading this and then I will go into more detail.

Initial Review – Holey Moley. This book was ama zing. I have never read anything like this. From The way it was set out to the plot to the characters, it blew me away. Best book I have read so far this and I am so excited for the sequel.
So basically that was my first thoughts on the book and to be honest they haven’t changed much. I can safely say I have never read a book set out like this bit it was so well done and I had so much fun reading to find out what would happen next. I loved that there were messages, emails, memos, AIDEN and other added bonuses to the books. I’m not going to go to much into the plot because I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. I loved the plot and just when you thought you were sort of understanding it boom plot twist. Plus that ending!! Can I just say I have never wanted a sequel in my hands as much as I did with Gemina so I am super excited for it to come out as I think it will be just as great as the first one. If I could give Illuminae and infinite amount of stars I would.

There you have it guys another review. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 

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