The Lady in the Van Review.

The Lady In The Van

  • Title – The Lady in the Van
  • Author – Alan Bennett
  • Publisher/Published – Profile Books / May 2015
  • Genre – Non Fiction, Humour, Autobiography/Memoir

Summary from Goodreads

In 1974, the homeless Miss Shepherd moved her broken down van into Alan Bennett’s garden. Deeply eccentric and stubborn to her bones, Miss Shepherd was not an easy tenant. And Bennett, despite inviting her in the first place, was a reluctant landlord. And yet she lived there for fifteen years.

This account of those years was first published in 1989 in the London Review of Books. The play premiered in 1999, directed by Nicholas Hytner and starring Dame Maggie Smith, who reprise their roles in this new film adaptation. Shot on location at Bennett’s house, Alex Jennings plays the author, alongside household names including Frances de la Tour, Jim Broadbent and Dominic Cooper.

My Thoughts

3 out of 5 stars.

Well this was a bit of a disappointment if I am honest. I went to see the film when it came out and I adored it so much. Maggie Smith’s portrayal of Ms Shepard was exceptional. She brought her own unique twist to an equally unique person. I am in awe of Maggie Smiths talent and can’t rate her work high enough.

To the book, this was on a deal on kindle so I decided to pick it up because I loved the film so much. I thought I was going to enjoy this and have a wonderful review for you all however this isn’t the case. I really didn’t enjoy this I’m sad to say, don’t get me wrong I have to give it credit because a wonderful move came out of it but I found it quite dull and lacklustre. A lot of the best parts of the film weren’t in this which disappointed me because there were great scenes in the film that I missed seeing in the book. by the time I finished it I was a little bored and glad I had watched the film first because the film is 100% better and I will continue to love the film and rate it highly to anyone and recommend anyone to watch it. However I would give the book a miss. I feel bad for not enjoying the book but I can’t help it. I am glad I read it though as I saw the origins of the film but other than that it was not a great read for me personally.

There you go folks another post done. What did you folks think?  What are your opinions on The Lady in the Van?



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