Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Hey Guys, I have another book tag for you. I was so excited to be tagged in this as it looks great fun. I was tagged by the lovely Tiana so thank you for that tag! You can find her blog here The Book Raven Blog be sure to check it out, these is pretty awesome stuff on there.

Now onto the Tag!


What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book?

Image result for the forbidden sister virginia andrews       Image result for harry potter series book box set

So my most inexpensive book is Forbidden Sister by V.C Andrews which I picked up in a library sale for 30p. My library has books on sale all the time whether it be books that were donated or books that have been withdrawn from stock. The books are 30p a book or 5 for £1 so I take advantage of this a lot more than I should. For my most expensive book I chose this Harry Potter boxset which cost me £50. I already have a set of original Harry Potter books but when I got the chance to buy these I couldn’t resist. Most of my single books that were more expensive than some in my collection I was given as gifts from family members.


What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

This is a hard question for me to answer because I am sitting here trying to think of an author I have a love/hate relationship with but I am coming up blank at the moment. If I come up with an answer in due course I will update this answer.


What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?

Image result for harry potter series book box set

So this was an extremely easy question for me to answer. I have loved the Harry Potter series for as long as I can remember and I have read these books from start to finish so many times I can’t even count them. I usually read them at least twice a year or more if I feel like it. My family always jokes with me when they see me reading it again because they always say I have read it so many times I know ever word. There is just something about this series that I never get tired of reading, it simply magical.


What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

Image result for Game of thrones book box set

So the story behind this one. I have only read book one so far which I loved, I totally fell in love with the story and the characters so one I finished reading the first book I went out and bought the whole series. That was almost two years ago and I still haven’t gotten around to reading the rest of the series. I am however planning a re read of book one and then I hope to read this series right the way through by the end of the year.


What book do you talk about in order to sound like an intelligent reader?

I don’t do this. I think it shouldn’t matter what you read and that people shouldn’t think less off you if you read a certain genre different from other people. I think everyone should be proud with what they read and not worry about what other people think.


What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?

Image result for the darkling     Image result for kaz brekker

Lets just say Leigh Bardugo can write a strong lead male that I can’t help but fall in love with. The Darkling from the Grisha trilogy. Don’t ask me why I just adore him! The beauty of a man that is Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows. I mean he is just it, I wont even go into it.


What book would you like to receive as a gift?

Image result for six of crows box setImage result for strange the dreamer  Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper by [Perrault, Charles]
This was so hard to pick the ones I would most like to receive as a gift. I have read Six of Crows already but have still to read Crooked Kingdom (Awful I know) plus look at how beautiful the books are. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor has been popping up every where and I have fallen in love with the stunning cover and I hope to get it soon. Any of the fairy tales that have been illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia. The illustrations are so quirky but beautiful in every way.
Well there you have it guys. I hope you enjoyed the answers to the tag! I had a lot of fun answering the questions and I hope you enjoyed reading.
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4 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

  1. I read Harry Potter way too often as well! My copies are looking pretty tattered, and that box set is gorgeous, so I desperately want it. I would probably have that as the gift I want haha 🙂


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