Reading Slump

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Hey Guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been having a hard time with my reading the last couple of weeks and haven’t really felt like coming on and posting anything. The reason I’ve been struggling with my reading is because I am in a massive reading slump. It has been awful, I have tried starting various books but only get maybe 30 pages in before I put it down because I just don’t feel like reading it. It is currently the 24th of April and I have only read five books which to me isn’t that great.

I do think though that I am coming out of my slump, I have been reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It is my first time reading this story and I am really enjoying it so far. I hope to finish it tonight. I was supposed to finish it last night but got distracted with colouring and then I fell asleep.

I am planning on taking part in a couple of readathon on the next week. The first being Dewey’s 24 hour readathon. Dewey’s is a 24 hour read a thon that takes place twice a year and I have participated in the last few. I love this readathon because it pushes me to challenge myself. Dewey’s is taking place on Saturday 29th April 2017. The good thing about this readathon is that no matter where you live everyone starts reading at the same time and I have the luck of starting at 1pm GMT. I love that it starts later so I don’t have to get up early haha. I will be doing a TBR post for this later in the week and then on the day of the readathon I will be giving hourly updates except when I fall asleep of course, which always happens for me.

The next readathon I will be participating in is Bout of Books 19. This is a week long readathon that takes place from Monday 8th May – Sunday 14th May 2017. It begins at midnight in your own time zone. You can expect a sign up post and TBR in the next week and I will also be doing daily updates and then a wrap up.

Stay tuned for more posts!


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