The Killing Joke by Christa Faust and Gary Phillips Review

Title – The Killing Joke

Author – Christa Faust and Gary Phillips

Published/Publisher – September 2018 / Titan Books

Genre – Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction , DC Comics

Pages – 336

Summary from Goodreads
A tragic, unnamed engineer-turned-criminal is immersed in chemicals that disfigure him bizarrely, driving him mad and thus giving birth to the Joker. While the insane criminal is imprisoned, Batman and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) patrol Gotham City together, taking down perps such as the crime boss Maxie Zeus. Simultaneously Detective Harvey Bullock works with Commissioner James Gordon to take down a drug factory. Back in Arkham Asylum, Joker learns of a new technology he wants to acquire and escapes, setting out on a mission designed to break the Commissioner, forcing him to abandon his ideals as a police officer. In a violent home invasion he shoots and cripples Barbara, then takes Gordon hostage. Batman races to rescue Gordon, ultimately confronting his arch-foe in an amusement park fun house. This edgy adaptation by Hard Case Crime novelist Christa Faust expands upon the cast and adds intricate layers to the events of the graphic novel, further examining the nature of morality.

My Thoughts

3 out of 5 Stars

I am going to start by saying that I haven’t read the killing joke graphic novel in which this story is the novelization.

I have mixed feelings about how I feel about this book. On one hand I loves getting to find out why the Joker became who he was and I enjoyed the events that happened in the last third of the book. But on the other hand I felt like parts dragged and I found myself getting bored in parts and I kept hoping the Joker would be in it a bit more.

The Joker is one of my favourite villains and I was so excited to read this and learn his back story, however most of this book fell flat for me and I was left a bit dissappointed. The last third did make up for it though and I really enjoyed that part the best.

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