Bout of Books Friday Progress 

Hey Guys. I can’t believe the readathon is almost over. The time has flown by but I’ve had a lot of fun. So I visited a charity shop yesterday and got five books one of which was The Magical World of Harry Potter by David Colbert. I had to read it straight away as I am obsessed with anything to do with Harry Potter. It was a really good informative read and I loved reading all about the different meanings behind things in Harry Potter. I finished the book in pretty much one sitting. So I read a total of 224 pages today which I am super happy about.

Today’s Challenge was Book Spine Rainbow. I used my original editions of Harry Potter that I have had since I was a child.

My Progress 

  • Number of pages read – 224.
  • Total pages read – 654
  • Number of books read – 1
  • Total books read – 3

See you all soon for the next update.

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